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On June 8, 2020 Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity, Inc. (ALPMF) reemerged with a visionary, six new founders, and a new mission. This great new mission, was simply to be the difference. When ALPMF formed, their vision was to create an organization that could aggressively and professionally serve the veteran community. This organization would stand the test of time and be built to last. These men would become pillars in their respective communities and form a pivotal foundation of something greater.

The prominent gentlemen of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity Inc. are called “Tridents”, an ode to the weapon carried by their mascot, Poseidon, the God of the sea. Poseidon’s trident has power over the sea to make great tsunamis and waves, but can also calm the water during turbulent times. Poseidon’s reach does not stop at the water’s edge, but can besiege land with one strike of his mighty trident upon the Earth. This symbolism is indicative of the impact the men in ALPMF want to have in the veteran community.



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