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Alpha Chapter

Greetings, We are the men of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity Incorporated (Alpha Chapter).
An Alpha chapter is located in Columbia, South Carolina but it reaches across all of South Carolina. 
We are a group of strong-minded brothers that are here for the common goal of making a difference and increasing our footprint within the community, dealing with veteran homelessness, mentoring young people, and increasing the local community's value. 

We have all served and continue to serve those around us. One of our main goals in South Carolina is our annual backpack drive given every year in August. We are preparing and will soon be incorporating a type of veteran homelessness program as well as a school mentorship program. Some of the things we are looking for In the future or Partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build a home For one Veteran.


We have also teamed up and partnered with the YMCA to help establish a youth program during our back-to-school drive. We have partnered up with Benedict college to establish a working relationship with 4-hour community service during the football season. Here in Alpha Chapter, we are looking for commitment and dedication to our mission, if you feel this opportunity is something for you please contact us and
we can help you get started.


If you are a veteran, spouse of a veteran, or a dependent of a veteran and feel ready to give back to the community, to fellow veterans, and to school mentorship then I welcome you please submit your applications, and let's go to work together thank you. We are looking forward to having you be a part of this great organization.

"We See for Each Other"

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WE are establishing Prominence, the fact or condition for standing up for something you truly believe in.

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