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Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity incorporated is based in Alaska. The Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity Inc.'s mission and vision are the same vision of the Fraternity's Founders, We are the extinction of ALP and the Founder's vision, and mission for the Fraternity as a whole. Our goal is to be in alignment with ALP. Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Psi is the first Military Fraternity in the state of Alaska, we are looking to branch out throughout the state. Community service is the heart of our fraternity and supports our local communities, military families, and disabled veterans. homeless veterans, and all the military branches in the Great State of Alaska. We can support various Community Services. Which includes Volunteer, driving the Alaskan local church bus on Sundays, Gamma Chapter members supporting the local food pantry once a month as well as donating to Red Cross, Wounded Warriors, and Local College Funds. Gamma Chapter members even support the health and physical fitness of the youth by volunteering to coach Youth Basket Ball teams. We are currently planning other activities in the future as the fraternity grows.

"We See for Each Other"

WE the men of Alpha Lambda Psi are united by the Love of God; That WE are here, to help each other in this moment in time, to carry on the great endeavors that Alpha Lambda Psi imparts.
WE are one to the other, bonded together; It is my responsibility to counsel and guide my Brother, who stray from his obligations;
WE dwell together in unity, to elevate each other for the greater good; Being ever mindful of moderation, our morals, and loyalty to this Fraternity.
WE are the spirit, the heartbeat of Alpha Lambda Psi;
WE walk by faith and not by sight, and it is by faith I fully realize, that my reward evolves from the 
mighty hand of God, for my service, and good will to others.
WE have no narrow limits.

Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity Inc. sponsored a community Fish Fry at the Fairview Recreation Center in March 2023. 


Gamma Chapter of Alpha Lambda Psi Military Fraternity Inc. sponsored a community Easter Basket Give away in April 2023.

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