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Dre CoFFee

Kevin Rankins

Taybron Virgin

Dewayne Williams

Quentin Cooper

Stephen Holston

On June 20, 2020, one of the six founders and pillars of ALPMF, Taybron “Son of Poseidon” Virgin passed away. His loss would strike a mighty blow to the morale and motivation of this fraternity of men. But with a roar like a crashing wave, and the spirit of Taybron guiding them, they charged forward, never forgetting the lessons he taught. In remembrance of Son of Poseidon, the brothers have started a scholarship in his honor, to be awarded to an uprising high school senior who exhibits the willingness to serve the community, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the drive to help others. All characteristics that Taybron expressed were important traits for our youth to succeed in life. Our first scholarship was awarded in August 2020.

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